The hiring of fire extinguishers, for all periods of time is available from Midland Fire Ltd throughout the year. 
We often hire out entire complete fire protection systems (similar to the ones pictured), including a fire trolley containing two extinguishers, a fire alarm, and a fire bucket of sand; typically, this is used for short term hire, for events like festivals, weddings, and other professional occasions such as exhibitions and concerts. 
We also provide longer term (annual) rentals for businesses and companies, who prefer not to keep their own fire safety equipment or take the responsibility of providing annual maintenance for them. Although, of course, annual maintenance is still completed each year, the cost is calculated within the rental period.  
Similar to how a vehicle lease might work. Over time the cost of the equipment is paid off and at the end of the rental term the customer can choose to replace their stock with brand new equipment, or have the equipment extended thereby saving the environment whilst keeping their establishment compliant to the current British standards. 
When hosting an event the rental of fire equipment can often be a very cost effective way of making sure your event is compliant to the current Regulations, when compared the cost to purchasing extinguishers and other equipment out-right. We will help to ensure that an adequate level of fire protection is on hand, meaning patrons, guests and staff, remain safely protected in the eventuality of fire, providing peace of mind that any event is well taken care of and remains hassle free.  
We are based in Shirley near to Birmingham, within the West Midlands, we offer all kinds of solutions for many different types of occasions, wherever your event is being held within England, Scotland and Wales, both indoor and outdoor, whether your event is for a long weekend, a few weeks, or a few months, we have got you covered. 
Our fire extinguisher rental service, is an excellent way to provide fire extinguisher cover, irrespective of the size, duration required or location within the Uk. (mainland only)  
Additional Fire Points can be included within the overall cost of the rental for your scheduled event. In our experience we often discover that a Fire Point is a necessary requirement, to comply with the British standard, therefore we can include this within the cost of any rental period.  
The Fire Points we offer are, a wheeled trolley which can house two 6 or 9 Litre water based fire extinguishers or a 6 or 9 Kg ABC Dry Powder, if your event is outdoors. The trolley can also house a red fire bucket containing sand (which is included) and on the back of the trolley there is a manually operated rotary alarm bell, meaning anyone can raise the alarm quickly in order to deal with any potential fire 
Before any fire extinguishers leave our premises, they will be fully checked and commissioned by one of our qualified engineers. This will be included, as standard, within the service we provide, without any additional costs to you, along with any refills which may be required for the duration of the event, meaning that you can relax, in the knowledge that your event will run as smoothly as possible.  
As well as Birmingham and the West Midlands we can provide a rental service throughout the the whole of Great Britain.  
We can accommodate any size of event from a small corporate event to larger events such London's Blackheath Festival and a festival at Battersea Power Station in London, which became an open air cinema in 2015. 
Low cost 
Delivery and collection service 
Hire for a single day, weekend, week or rent extinguishers on a monthly or annual basis 
Available at short notice 
Free site survey of your grounds 
Perfect for small, medium and large events 
We also rent extinguisher trolleys and stands and other fire accessories such as fire blankets, signs, and portable alarms. 
Clients who lease fire protection equipment from us, return to us year after year as they know they will receive the best standard of service within the Birmingham and the West Midlands. 
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